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Loet Wakkerman 1


Holger Schrader 1

2 2 2 2 2 2
Jaap Hogeboom 1 2
1 1 1 1 1 1
Andre Walkenhorst 1 2


Peter Aanen 1


Olaf Starmanns 1

Robert jan Beishuizen 1


Vincent Merlijn 1

Jorn Beerendonk 1

1 1
Arjen van Vark 1

1 1
Dirk Weiss 1

1 1
Ulrich Freitag 1


kristof verschoren 1
2 1 1 1 1

Arne Schipper 1

2 2 2 2 2
Edwin Rooseman 1 2

1 1 1 1 1
Henri Sander 1 1


Baarlo (instead of Tynaarlo!) Eurocontest Tour and World Cup 2018

Important announcement regarding the Tynaarlo Euro Contest and world cup 2018, 8,9 &10 of june 2018.


We are proud to present a brand new location for our annual World Cup and Eurotour contest. Due to unforeseen problems with a suitable flying field in Tynaarlo we have decided to relocate this event. We are confident this relocation will work out in the best interest of all involved.


The new location is:

''De Strandhoeve''
Uiterdijkenweg 59
8372 VL Baarlo (Ov.)

On Google maps


The competition will be held on the 9th and 10th of June 2018. We will try to fly as many tasks and have as much fun as possible in these two days.


Time schedule:


9.15: Briefing

9.30: Start of the competition

After 17.00 no more rounds will be started



9.30: Start.

The last round starts no later than 14:30 Sunday afternoon.


Camping on the site is possible, with tent, caravan or camper. There will only be one shower available. When we have over 40 contestants, an additional douche-cabin will be made available. There are enough toilets on site.


For people who want a bit more comfort there are a few rooms for rent. Please contact ''De Strandhoeve'' for booking. When booking a room, please mention the event you'll attend (Eurotour Contest). We have arranged a special price with the owner of 'De Strandhoeve' for you.


You can order breakfast with your registration.

The flying site is a, for Dutch standards, big open field. Quite different from Tynaarlo for sure!

The location is a Bed & Breakfast, Partycentre, Restaurant/bar, with a playground for the kids and a nice patio to relax and have a drink.


On Sunday 10th of June, there will be an ''open day'' at the location, with many activities for the kids. Nothing too big or flashy, but the little ones will be entertained!


Prices for ''Baarlo World Cup & euro contest'':
* Entry fee; 30,- for Seniors. 20,- for Juniors.
* Diner on FRIDAY; 19,50
* 1 breakfast; 10,-
* 1 lunch 10,-
* BBQ on Saturday evening; 18,50
* Camping 1 tent per night; 5,-
* Camping 1 camper/caravan per night; 7,50


You can register by sending an email to:


Please include:

* Name and address
* FAI number
* Diner on friday, yes or no
* Amount of breakfast
* Amount of lunch
* BBQ on Saturday evening: yes or no
* Camping: yes or no. In case of yes: Tent or caravan/camper


NB: In case you have already registered, please let us know whether you want to make use of the facilities mentioned above, through:


After the BBQ on Saturday evening we have a lottery. Tickets will be available on Friday and Saturday. Many thanks to Superfly and KST who have supplied us with some nice prices.



F3K according to paragraph 5.7 of the FAI Sporting code 2018. You can find this Sporting Code under the label:  Downloads, Documenten, titled: 2018. Section 4_Vol_F3_soaring_2018.pdf (pagina 28 t/m 35).


Registration is open, so sign up and join us at Baarlo!

Please note: To registrate and compete in this contest you will need a valid FAI sporting license.


We are keen to welcome you at this great new location and we are confident the new situation will suit better for everyone!


Kind regards,

Vincent Merlijn.


PS: pictures of the field and more info will follow soon!