Dutch Contest Eurotour and World Cup 2019

This year the Contest Eurotour will once again be held at partycenter "De Strandhoeve" on the 15th and 16th of June. This is also a World Cup event and is a part of the Dutch national F3K championship.



Location and staying overnight

We are allowed to camp (tent/camper/caravan) near the flying location at "De Standhoeve". They will also make us breakfast, lunch and a bbq. Diner is available on friday at your own expense. We will try to provide a way to take a shower for those who want.
Unfortunately De Strandhoeve is not able to provide B&B. If you want accomodations please try https://www.booking.com/.



Address of location

De Strandhoeve
Uiterdijkenweg 59
Note that Baarlo is near Blokzijl in the north of The Netherlands (52.726959, 5.937643).




fri 13:00 arrival and training
sat  7:00-8:00 breakfast
sat  8:30 briefing
sat  9:00 competition day 1
sat 12:00-13:00 lunch
sat 19:00 bbq
sun  7:00-8:00 breakfast
sun  8:15 briefing
sun  8:30 competition day 2
sun 12:00-13:00 lunch
sun 14:30 last round
sun 15:30 price giving




To register and compete in this contest you will need a valid FAI sporting license. Registration is possible until the 1st of June. Your registration is valid after payment. The registration must be paid before the 4th of June.




Entry fee adult: €35,-
Entry fee junior: €20,- (You are a junior until the year wherein you reach the age of 18)
Tent: €5,- per night
Camper/caravan: €7,50 per night
Breakfast saturday: €10,-
Lunch saturday: €10,-
BBQ saturday: €20,50 (also available for vegetarians, please mark on entry)
Breakfast sunday: €10,-
Lunch sunday: €10,-
Please send your entry to jaap.hogeboom@outlook.com. Please include your fai registration number, frequency and choices concerning camping, food and number of persons. I will process your entry and send you a reply on how to pay.




Limited availability, only for charging.
More information will be available on http://www.f3k.nl.



Hope to see you in Baarlo
Jaap Hogeboom
Jorn Beerendonk
Henk Nieuwenhuizen
F3K Commissie
De Strandhoeve


Voornaam Achternaam Betaald
Holger Schrader Ja
Ulrich Freitag Ja
Jaap Hogeboom Ja
Jorn Beerendonk
Olaf Starmanns Ja
Steeve Collin Ja
Ryan Höllein Ja
Anthony Rotteleur Ja
Edwin Rooseman Ja
Peter Aanen Ja
Bastiaan Duijghuisen Ja
Vincent Merlijn
Nicolas Renaud Ja
Dirk Weiß Ja
Arne Schipper Ja
Loet Wakkerman Ja
Robert jan Beishuizen
Paul König Ja
Henri Sander Ja
Manuel Meyer Ja
Steven de Weerdt Ja
Robert Berends Ja
Pablo Justo Ja
Arjen van Vark Ja
Guido ter Horst Ja
Dennis Ebbink Ja
Daniel Mansius Ja
Brian van de Gouw Ja
Kristof Verschoren Ja
Heino Derks Ja
Richard Tunderman Ja
Max Finke Ja
Jochen Reuter Ja
Theo Kramkowski Ja