Uitslag Tynaarlo 2016

Tynaarlo Eurocontest Tour 2016

Update Eurocontest Tynaarlo:
Everything is ready to for the contest this weekend! The weather might throw some curveballs, so be sure to bring a tent for your models, and of course enough ballast.
During the weekend competitors and guests of the eurocontest can use the facilities of the campingsite 'Mini Camping 't Groene Veld'. If you haven't reservered a spot on the camping site, please do so. Phone: 0592 – 54 31 99

The kind propietors of this campingsite will serve breakfast on both days for approx. €3,50 p.p.. Drinks can be bought at the camping site aswell.
On saturday evening we will have a communal meal (Chinese) at the campingsite. We, Jorn Beerendonk or Vincent Merlijn will ask you if you would like to partake in this meal on arrival or at your registration. Costs will be around the €6,- mark p.p.

The flying field will bee the same as last year, so across the road from de campingsite towards the east. A map:
During the contest we will fly in three groups. We have 22 competitors, so timing eachother will be critical for the succes of this contest. We have alotted two poker tasks during the weekend, these tasks need an official timekeeper. With a little help from outsiders we can make these tasks happen but it will require that everybody is present and available, so please work with us!
The tasks for this weekend:
Round Task
1 "D" - Ladder +15 sec
2 "C" - All up 5 x 3:00
3 "E" - Poker
4 "A" - Last 5:00 in 7:00
5 "F" - Best 3 of 6
6 "B" - Last 2 x 4:00
7 "K" - Big Ladder
8 "H" - 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00
9 "E" - Poker
10 "J" - Last 3 x 3:00
11 "G" - Best 5 x 2:00
12 "C" - All up 3 x 3:00
13 "I" - Best 3 x 200s
14 "A" - Last 5:00 in 7:00
15 "K" - Big Ladder
16 "H" - 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00
Please be adviced that there is a country fair in Tynaarlo so acces to the campingsite and flyingfield might be a bit restricted. Please follow the route as shown below:
tl_files/EurocontestAssen/Omleinding Tynaarlo.jpg
Hope to see you soon and please drive safely to Tynaarlo!
Best regards,
Jorn Beerendonk

2016 Tynaarlo Euro Contest Tour.

This year the Euro Contest Tour will once again be held in Holland, at the usual site near the village of Tynaarlo! This event will also be part of the Dutch national F3K championship. The competition will be held on the 28th and 29th of May 2016. We will try to fly as many tasks and have as much fun as possible in these two days. The last round in this competition will start no later than 14:30 Sunday afternoon.

To registrate and compete in this contest you will need a valid FAI sporting-license. Please registrate through this link:

Registration fee is 40 Euro's for adults and 20 Euro's for juniors. You are a junior until the year wherein you reach the age of 18. Registration is possible until the 20th of may. Your registration is valid after payment. The entry fee must be paid before 26th of May. Please send your entry fee to:

V.H.L Merlijn
Papekamp 19
6662 SB Elst
Phone; +31 612876317

IBAN; NL 96 SNSB 0903 1131 47

Staying overnight:
The mini camping near the flying location is the obvious choice for die-hard F3K’ers. Always a good place to stay and lots of fun to be had on saturyday evening/night. Please make your reservation in time, there is only a limited amount of spots on the camping:
Minicamping (http://mctgroeneveld.nl/) very close to the field.

Other options are:
Camping/bungalowpark Veenmeer
Hotel Golden Tulip Drenthe
Bed and breakfast
Many other hotels in Assen within 20 miutes of the flying location.

  • Friday 27 May: 13:00 free training
  • Saturday 28 may: 8:30 Briefing
  • 9:00 Start of Contest
  • 17:00 Start last Round of the day
  • Sunday 29 May 9:00 Start day two
  • 14:30 Start last round Contest
  • 15:30 Awards Ceremony


Beverages and sandwiches available throughout the weekend at the campingshop.
On saterdayevening there will be chinese food for everyone (pilots, helpers, family) for only 5,- euro pp. These 5,- can be paid cash on Friday or Saturday morning.
Please bring your own plate and cutlery!
We hope to see you all on the field!
This event is possible because of our volunteers;
Jorn and Laurens Beerendonk
Jaap Hogeboom
Loet, Helle and Monique Wakkerman
Vincent Merlijn